Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

"James J. Lee,
You fucking cocksucker. You piece of fucking shit. Some of us have worked our entire lives to convince this right wing, christian minded, shit hole of a country that atheists are not the extremists.
We generally are eco-minded, equal rights loving, logical, cool headed, calm, and effective negotiators. We know how to talk about what we want and don't have to threaten, harm, or otherwise resort to extremist measures to get our points across like the all the religious nutjobs. We don't bomb in the name of godlessness. We don't protest churches because we don't believe like them. And we sure as fuck don't hold up a mother fucking television company in order to get a point across.
You have successfully put both the work of atheists and tree huggers behind an ungodly number of years. Extremism has never once been proven to work. Do you think car bombings in the Middle East convince anyone to do Al Queda's bidding? Do you think the train station bombings in Europe convinced a single "westerner" to stop being one?
Then why the fuck do you think that having a hostage situation at The Discovery Channel is going to do a damn thing?
You fucking asshole. You god damned piece of shit. You useless cock sucking, mother fucking, waste of carbon atoms.
I know you can't read this. I know this is all for naught. But all I ask is that you walk out of the fucking building, hands held high and say:
"I did this for god and the lord jesus christ."
before you point your gun at the nearest officer so he can blow you the fuck away.


This is my first post.